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Artikelnummer: 01-35-9331
Leverantör: Weaver Leather

This saddle pad features a 1/2" wool blend felt top, gel insert and a 1/2" wool blend felt liner. The gel insert absorbs shock at pressure points and helps eliminate gaps between horse's back and saddle. The 1/2" felt bottom shapes to the horse’s back and wicks away moisture. The felt bottom can be cleaned with a damp cloth or brush to remove dirt and sweat. Distressed brown top grain wear leathers. Measures 31" x 32". Made by Weaver.

Features a 1/2" tan felt top and liner for extra cushioning and comfort.

Gel insert absorbs shock at pressure points to provide both you and your horse with protection.

Moisture wicking wool liner naturally pulls sweat away from your horse's back for even cooling.

Gel insert helps eliminate gaps between horse’s back and saddle.

Measures 31" x 32".

Durable design features wool blend felt and premium wear leathers.

Contoured shape with wither relief for a comfortable fit that locks pad into place.